SANDIMS is the repository of all Geomagnetic, Ionospheric and Magnetospheric data gathered from SANSA Space Science's instrumentation network.

Instrumentation Network

Instruments in the network are grouped into the above three classes, and further sub-classed by Instrument Type, each of which is represented by one or more Instrument Models. Specific instruments so classified are the Field Instruments of the network, which extends throughout South Africa and Namibia, as well as Gough and Marion islands in the southern oceans and the SANAE IV research base in Antarctica. The SANDIMS Metadata Model includes GPS location, manufacturer and Principal Investigator information, as well as technical parameters of the instruments (most importantly sampling interval) and their antennae. Metadata associated with a data bundle may be exported and shared using NASA's DIF v10.0 interchange format.

Search and Download Facility

The metadata are searchable by instrument site, type and sampling interval. Datasets are archived per Field Instrument, File Type and Processing Level and may be filtered by date ranges. Data selected for download is compressed and bundled and made available via an FTP site with a temporary login.

Data Access

The data is free for academic research purposes, subject to users registering on this website. Commercial use of the data requires a contract, which can be arranged by contacting the Data Acquisition Practitioner at SANSA Space Science.

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